Head Designer at Tesseract Design / Mid Level

Jesse Livingston is an author, musician, and graphic designer born and raised in Denver, CO. In addition to writing non-fiction articles for local and national publications, his fiction has appeared in audio magazines like Pseudopod and The Drabblecast. His audio novel A Thousand Lifetimes in an Hour is available at reconstructionrecords.com. Jesse was a founding member of Hindershot, a band of local heroes who play music in Denver and occasionally tour nationally. His solo project The Far Stairs is also available on Reconstruction Records (his online label). They have contributed music to podcasts such as Cast Macabre and Good to Go, and they have ambitions to one-day score films, television, and other creative projects. Jesse's freelance graphic design service Tesseract Design provides branding and web-development assistance to small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. He has a strong interest in local and cooperative economics. His award-winning visual art has appeared on book jackets, posters, and album sleeves. He also writes and illustrates the web-comic Everything is Fine, which can be seen at everythingisfinecomic.tumblr.com.


B.F.A ( Art (Printmaking))2000-2002Eastern Michigan University(Creative Writing)1997-1999University of Colorado at BoulderHigh School Diploma()1992-1996Cherry Creek High School

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